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See what my clients have to say about their experience with me as their doula.

  1. My testimony: I can honestly say that Shannon's presence, alongside my husband, was all the support I needed in that delivery room. Due to my Christian background, I desired to have a Christian doula for my first pregnancy, so when we connected I was extremely excited. From our first meeting to labor & delivery, Shannon constantly impressed upon me that she was on our team, 100% and that support was, personally, invaluable. She also prayed with us every meeting and for us during my labor, which I greatly appreciated. Above all else, she was willing to do anything to ensure that I was as comfortable and calm as possible. My husband and I were tremendously blessed by her and have been recommending her to every couple we know. My husband's testimony: Before this pregnancy, I had never even heard the term doula. When I learned of the function, I at first thought it an interesting one, however, not necessary in our case. Then, we met Shannon and least to say my perception has completely changed. Not only is Shannon Serrano poised, professional and knowledgeable about her field, she is also warm, accommodating, and kind. There were a number of rather hairy situations throughout my wife's labor and I sincerely doubt that I would have been able to navigate all of those scenarios effectively without Shannon's calm demeanor and preparedness there to assist. With her help, I was empowered to be the support that I needed to be for my wife - making the delivery of our first child not only unforgettable but also very positive. Shannon encapsulates the meaning of the title doula. There's no doubt in my mind that we will be hiring her to assist with all future deliveries for our family. In fact, we feel that we have gained so much than a doula from this experience, rather we have gained a lifelong friend.
    Kevona Walker
  2. Shannon, I can’t thank you enough for your services to my daughter and me during her pregnancy. Your support, strength, guidance, phone calls, late night walks, false hospital visits we will always remember. Your coaching and visualization exercise were helpful, even though Zuri was stubborn and came when she was ready. Kayla, Zuri and I appreciate all of your dedication to assisting Teen Moms in delivery. As we know teen moms are not the easiest to get along, especially ones like my daughter Kayla. Zuri is just about six weeks old and getting bigger and spoiled rotten. Please come by anytime to see her, or even take her for the weekend ;). Again, I just want to thank you, you are very skillful, and knowledgeable of your job. Keep up the good work you are doing a service to these young mothers that they will remember for the rest of their lives. Thank You, Melodie, Kayla and Zuri Staying in My Lane!!
    Melodie Monroe
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